Our HSE Policy

The satisfaction of our employees, customers and stakeholders shall be achieved by:

  1. Adoption of process approach and risk-based thinking to provide quality products/services; and
  2. Prevention of occupational injuries and ill health, Environmental damages and damages to our/their assets.

Dedication of our people and management is based on Sustainable Development Principles which balances the three pillars of sustainability i.e., a balance between the environment, society and the economy.

Commitment to our employees, customers and stakeholders is based on the following principles and processes of QHSE-MS:

  1. Communication of Policy within the organization
  2. To maintain accredited certifications of our QHSE-MS
  3. Policy shall provide a framework for setting objectives
  4. To comply with the applicable legal & statutory requirements
  5. To adopt and comply with the subscribed management system requirements
  6. Documented policy shall be available to all stakeholders on request
  7. To foster the best practices, innovations and continual improvement
  8. To maintain the integration of QHSE—MS at all levels in our organization
  9. To maintain confidentiality and proprietary rights of our customers and stakeholders
  10. To provide training based on identified needs and policy including Behavioral Safety
  11. To adhere to established operational controls related to QHSE risks opportunities
  12. To be customer-focused by responding and understanding their needs & expectations to strive to go beyond their expectations

We shall continually improve our Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (QHSE-MS) by proactive and reactive approaches.

Our proactive approach shall include the periodical internal audits and management reviews of our:

  • Policy and objectives
  • Legal requirements and their compliances
  • Effectiveness of corrective & preventive actions
  • Risks related to our internal & external issues, needs and expectations of interested parties, product/services quality issues, environmental aspects and occupational health & safety hazards; and data analysis

Our reactive approach shall include the investigations, root cause analysis and corrective actions against incidents and nonconformities arising from operations and/or internal and external audits.

Our QHSE-MS Policy provides a platform to make the measurable QHSE-MS Objectives. Our action plan shall be made for every objective to achieve the targets.